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Creativity drives South Charleston woman


By Butch Cooper


Karlie Price, with her Chorkie, Rascal, stands in her yard in South Charleston, where she has been working tirelessly on numerous projects, which can be seen on her YouTube channel.
Karlie Price placed a hammock in a small area that was once just mud and weeds.
Karlie Price laid out a large stone patio with a couch and chairs where she entertains family and friends.
The idea for this “countertop patio” came to Karlie Price during a visit to the Habitat for Humantiy ReStore in Charleston.

Karlie Price, or better known as Karlie Belle to her friends, has always had that creative edge about her.

During her youth, she would create games in a school-like environment for her younger nieces, nephews and cousins. Karlie has written children’s books, along with songs with her mother.

She has planned weddings and parties and designed game shows and skits for her job as marketing and public relations director at Boone Memorial Hospital in Madison.

“Every aspect of my life has always been creative,” she said.

Her new creative passion has started to bloom into something more: a YouTube channel which, for now, focuses on her home improvement projects around her South Charleston home.

“I love it. It has motivated me,” she explained. “I think sometimes you get to a place in life where you need to find a new passion and excitement. This has given me a new sense of energy and new sense of confidence. I feel like I’m back in college again. I’m just so excited to get up every day and figure out what I’m going to do to my yard next, or what I’m going to put on YouTube next.”

It all started a year ago when wanted to build a fence to give her three dogs — Rascal (a Chorkie), Max (a Yorkshire Terrier) and Roxi — a place to run around and play when she was away at work.

She has since made a home for a fourth dog, Ryker, a Doberman-Rottweiler puppy mix that, like her other three, is a rescue dog.

“I’m the dog whisperer. Dogs always find there way here,” she laughed. “I take them, keep them or find them a home.”

She erected a black iron fence around her home for her little, furry family.

“I put up the fence and my dogs are out here all the time,” Karlie said. “The next thing you know, there’s neighbors walking by, talking to me more.

“It’s remarkable how one thing that you can change in your yard can change the environment of your whole life.”

The fence led to other projects. At first, she simply planted flowers in front of her fence and around her yard. She then decided to do more to expand her living area, as, originally, she only had a small patio with a table and some chairs next to her house.

Karlie decided to engage in various other projects in her yard. The problem was, she had little to no experience in such work.

“I didn’t plan to do this; it just happened,” she said. “I love to decorate. I love the outdoors. So, I put up some hanging baskets. The next thing you know, I wanted to build a patio. After I realized that I could do it, then I thought, why not keep going?”

As she did all of this, Karlie decided to create a YouTube channel, “Single Girl,” where she explained what she is doing and how and that her efforts could be recorded and shown to anyone interested.

“I like to call it DIYC ... Do It Yourself Clueless. That’s what makes me different. There are lots of people on YouTube who are way better than I am, who can do things that just make your head spin.”

The centerpiece of her efforts is a stone patio she has laid out with a couch and chairs to entertain friends and family.

“When I did the patio, I watched two minutes’ worth of video and then asked a lot of questions from friends and family and Lowe’s,” she said. “I went to Lowe’s a lot. I was there so often, they were practically family by the time I got done. I was there every day for like a month.”

In addition, she put up a curtain wall with some PVC pipe and material she already had on hand to provide some shade.

A second, smaller patio came about in one of the most unlikely places, during a trip to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Charleston.

Karlie took all of the countertops and laid them on the ground, piecing them together like a puzzle.

“I’ve always thought outside the box,” she said. “That’s how I’ve been my whole life. I’m one of those people who can walk past something and something will come to me. I didn’t have the idea when I went to the Habitat ReStore that I was going to do that. It just came to my head that I was going to make a patio.”

She took some countertops home and, with some Thompson’s WaterSeal and tar paper, raised them up four to five inches so they wouldn’t be lying in water, and, wrapping them in brick, she created, perhaps, a one-of-a-kind patio.

“People looked at me like I was crazy when I said I was going to use countertops to make a patio,” Karlie said. “It worked. It may not last very long, but it’s different. That’s what I was going for.

“After I did it, I Googled it and couldn’t find it anywhere. I said that this was really ingenious or really stupid, I’m not sure which. There’s a fine line.”

Everything she has done thus far has been on a budget and, when people come and visit, they are amazed by the progress.

“They were really in awe of how different the atmosphere was compared to a year ago,” she said. “I can’t believe it. I still look at it, surprised I did this -- this is exciting.

“It’s a real positive environment.”

She passes along some advice to people who, like her, want to do projects around their yard with little idea how.

“My message would be, if you’re a single girl or single guy and you’re clueless, you can figure it out. If I could figure it out, you can figure it out.”

While her home improvement activities have become the main stay for her YouTube channel, she plans to expand into other areas such as life lessons, goofy stories and even Zumba, which she has taught for the past 10 years.

“I’m in the process of figuring it all out myself,” Karlie explained. “So, I can’t really sit here and say what I plan to do on my YouTube channel. I have always had a lot of interests.

“I’m running out of yard and I’m running out of money. So, I need to start going to other people’s houses or they come here and teach me something and we can share it with others.”

You can subscribe to her YouTube Channel by going to Karlie Belle WV.

She was hoping to get to 500 subscribers by her birthday on Aug. 9.

“If I can hit 500, I’m going to do the worm,” she said. “Every time I hit 500, I’m going to drop down and do the worm for my YouTube channel, up to 5,000. After that, I’m going to do something different.”


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