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‘Weimer On Wheels’ helps kids avoid ‘summer slide’

The Weimer on Wheels reading team includes, in front row, from left: Kathy Fisher, parent volunteer; Randi Robinson, volunteer from St. Andrews; back row, from left: Weimer Elementary Principal Pam Snead; teacher Kay Atkins, teacher Samantha Dolson; speech therapist Lisa Bibbee; Janis Priddy, Title I teacher and Rebecca Ryder, Title I reading teacher. Courtesy photos
Kaleb Booher and his mom read, while his brother, Noah, read to himself.
Weimer Elementary Title I teacher Rebecca Ryder reads with Weimer student Roger Bailey.
Weimer Elementary teacher Samantha Dolson, reading with her daughter, Lilly.
Weimer Elementary Title I teacher Janis Priddy reads to Billy Dolson.

Weimer Elementary School staff and volunteers went into the St. Albans-area community recently, reading to and with students as part of the school’s efforts to reduce the “summer slide.” (The summer slide is when students’ academic skills start to weaken over the summer break.)

Staff and volunteers met at the school, loaded boxes of books snacks and drinks to take to Green Valley, Avesta Drive and ending at Smiley’s Hotel. This was the brainchild of Title I teacher, Rebecca Ryder.

“I want to build a community of readers at Weimer,” Ryder said. “If we allow students to choose their own reading materials, they are more likely to read more​ and learn to love reading.”​

The books included various genres and grade levels. There was something for everyone. Kay Atkins, resource teacher at Weimer, said, “If you bring the books, they will read.”

Principal Pam Snead and Title I math teacher Janis Priddy walked up and down the Avesta Drive area knocking on doors and inviting children and parents to come and read. Everyone who came received a book, bookmark and snacks.

Ryder said that more books and visits will continue and the dates are June 21, July ​12 and July 26.

“​We hope that we will have more students to come and read with us,” she said.


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