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Charleston Christian author releases book on creative writing

By Clint Thomas, Metro Reporter

Charleston resident Dahveed Bar-Daniel has released his fifth book, entitled “Mastering Creative Writing: A Writer’s Guide.”

Better known for his Christian-themed titles such as “Brother’s Keeper,” “As We Forgive,” “Baptism & Salvation” and “Time of Trouble,” Bar-Daniel has taken a brief break to showcase other writing styles, but says he remains true to his calling to write informative Christian titles.

His love for the written word, Bar-Daniel said, began as a fourth-grade student at Malden Elementary School.

“My teacher was Miss Mary Jo Brick, she encouraged each of us to to dream,” he said. “Because of her, I learned to play the saxophone and piano and sing in my junior high and high school chorus. She was a wonderful teacher who had a great impact on my life.

“I guess my very first attempt at writing came at that time. I recall writing a short comic book about a man who crash landed on a distant planet. My artwork wasn’t very good, but I focused more on the storyline, anyway. My imagination soared because of Miss Brick, and I was lucky enough to have her as a teacher in the fifth grade, as well.”

The author lived in West Virginia until 1989. He moved to New York City and lived there for a year. He later lived in Whippany, New Jersey, and Baltimore for several years, before returning to the Mountain State.

Bar-Daniel is one of a family of 10 siblings, some of whom reside in Kanawha County, as well. “My family is very talented. Most of them work in the medical field in one capacity or another, but I chose to go a different route,” he said. “My father wrote songs and played guitar, so he instilled in me a great love for music -- all music. I can listen to anything from classical to hip-hop with equal fervor. My first ‘success’ actually came during my mid-20s in the form of music in 1989, when I wrote ‘The Love of God.’ It was later produced by Chapel Records and recorded by Christian music artist Dottie Frost. From there, I went on to write poetry, much of which has been published on various Internet poetry cafes.”

Around 2004, Bar-Daniel said, he turned his creative attention to writing books.

“I like to write short, to-the-point books which I find to be perfect for the eBook genre,” he said. “Most of my work is available in print and eBook format and one book, ‘Brother’s Keeper,’ is also available as an audiobook.

“My latest release is a bit of a departure from my normal style of writing. I normally write Christian titles backed with a good deal of scriptural reference, but, for my latest title, ‘Mastering Creative Writing,’ I wanted to provide information for others who want to do what I do.”

Bar-Daniel said “Mastering Creative Writing” is currenly available only in eBook format, written specifically for the Amazon Kindle. “All my titles are available via Amazon,” he said.

Bar-Daniel said he wanted to take a break while researching information for his forthcoming title, which will delve into the opioid crisis in West Virginia.

“God has given me a talent for writing, and, as a West Virginian, I feel it is my duty to write about this pandemic of a drug crisis. In some way, shape or form, every West Virginia family has been affected by this issue,” Bar-Daniel said.

“My current project is also a departure from my normal genre. I am working on a book which tackles the issue of addiction. Our state has been plagued with a drug pandemic. Heroin overdoses are beyond reason. I heard an EMT today say she responds to an average of six overdose calls each week, and, most of the time, it is at an address she has responded to before.”

Bar-Daniel said the opioid crisis has affected his family directly. “I have a great-niece in rehab who is addicted and her once-promising life has been destroyed,” he said. “She now has a prison record. This crisis is destroying not only the young people who are the future of West Virginia, it is destroying our nation. We all need to pitch in and do our part to help curb this problem.

“I figured, since I love to write, my contribution would be to write a book to let everyone understand just how serious the issue is.”

Bar-Daniel said the book should be available via Amazon this summer.

“After that, I am taking on another huge problem in this country: sexual sin. In particular, it is going to deal with Internet pornography and what to do about it as parents or as someone who may be addicted to Internet porn. The working title for that one is ‘No, Its Not Okay!’ It should be available late summer or early fall,” he said.

Bar-Daniel plans on attending the West Virginia Book Festival in Charleston in October.

He can be reached at or via his church, Children of Light Ministries, at


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