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FlyLikeUs urban clothing store opens on Olde Main Plaza, St. Albans

By Ben Calwell, Metro Reporter
Ian McGill has opened FlyLikeUs at 50 Olde Main Plaza, St. Albans. The new clothing store is focused on the “urban look,” particularly the West Coast style of urban attire. FlyLikeUs, which opened April 20, has a great selection of jeans, shirts, jackets and accessories.
FlyLikeUs carries a attire from YRN, which is a line of clothing inspired by the rap group as The Migos.
FlyLikeUs at 50 Old Main Plaza has window displays with examples of its urban-inspired clothing.
Accessories at FlyLikeUs include flat-bill caps and curved-bill caps, as well as fashion, non-prescription glasses.
Denim items from Dope Denim, which is a line of clothing from Dope Couture.

When Ian McGill went on tour with some local rap artists, he saw in bigger cities the fashion styles that were capturing the attention of young people, especially on the West Coast.

He’s now bringing that look to the Kanawha Valley via his new clothing store, FlyLikeUs, at 50 Olde Main Plaza, St. Albans, which opened April 20 in a once-vacant storefront.

FlyLikeUs is devoted to the streetwear or “urban look,” specifically the West Coast urban look, said McGill, a Nitro native.

“It’s the stuff you’d see in the bigger cities,” he said. “It’s more about the style, rather than particular items.”

It’s a look reflected often in today’s music industry.

“I have a lot of stuff that is geared toward hip-hop and rock and roll. I’m looking to get more recognizable brands, stuff that’s not available around here. I’m mainly trying to get things that my competitors don’t have.”

FlyLikeUs already has a nice collection of recognizable brands, including a line of clothing from Dope Couture.

“They have different lines and genres” of clothing, McGill said.

Another line of clothing at FlyLikeUs, “YRN,” is inspired by the group The Migos.

“It’s their clothing line. The Migos are a really famous rap group.”

McGill has also added a clothing line called Anti Social Homme.

“It’s pretty well known in Los Angeles, California.”

At FlyLikeUs, shoppers can find a selection of jeans, shirts, jackets, sweat pants and accessories. They can also find Vintage Wear items that connect shoppers to older music groups, such as Motley Crue.

“It’s a vintage-style look, and they use older, recognizable bands and icons on their shirts,” he said.

In accessories, FlyLikeUs has caps with either flat bills or curved bills. Sharing space with the caps in a display case are fashionable eyeglasses, but they’re not prescription eyeglasses.

“The clear glasses are more for a modern style; a lot people consider it like a hipster style.”

Customers sometimes ask McGill if the glasses frames he sells could hold prescription lenses. When they inquire about that, he always advises them to check with their optometrists.

McGill opened FlyLikeUs in a space formerly occupied by the Brickhouse, which he said was a teen nightclub. He spent three months sprucing up the space with new flooring and paint. He also refurbished the lighting.

“My dad did a lot of the electrical work for me. It’s come a long way -- the building was in pretty bad shape.”

McGill said he has always wanted to own a business, but an urban clothing store wasn’t in his plans until he started touring, after graduating from Nitro High School, with some local rappers and hip-hop artists.

One such artist was DaKid Quence, or “Lil’ Swurvie.”

“I started helping them manage their music, and that’s kind of what got me into this,” he said.

While touring with these artists, McGill visited such cities as Los Angeles and Seattle.

Seeing those cities “gave me a different sense of culture that’s on the West Coast that the East Coast does not have, espcially here.”

Currently, FlyLikeUs is open from noon to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and until 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

For more information, visit FlyLikeUs on Facebook, or call 304-982-3332. The web address is


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